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"I am happy to report I was unable to break it! It really is an excellent time saver. WP Legal Pages will enable you to ensure that you have all the relevant policy pages in place on your site to keep Google spiders fed! "
"It took about a minute to get my company information loaded and I had 4 pages published. Yeah, it will take a few minutes to proof read everything but there wasn't anything I had a problem with. Loading this up on all my sites and all my clients' sites pronto"
Wayne Walters

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for your Website (Free)

Launching a website or a blog is one of the most exciting phases, especially if you’re only willing to be your own boss. Sure, the online world offers uncountable business opportunities, however with them, come numerous responsibilities as well.
And, one such responsibility is to keep data privacy. Whether you’re only obligated for your own products and services or the sensitive information of your clients, privacy is something you cannot take for granted.

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