Releases & Updates: WP Cookie Consent Plugin

Releases & Updates: WP Cookie Consent Plugin

WordPress Cookie Consent Plugin for GDPR & CCPA plugin has been a hot-seller in recent years. It helps you comply with the EU GDPR’s cookie consent and CCPA’s regulations along with serving cookie notice to your visitors in compliance with ePrivacy laws. The plugin has a one-click scanner that’ll scan your website for all the cookies.

Recent Plugin Updates:

  • Exclude Posts – The ‘Scan Now’ feature automatically scans all posts and pages for cookies. You can now exclude pages/posts from scanning. This gives you the flexibility to include or exclude cookies on selected pages. 
  • IAB Framework – New IAB Framework Integration allows your users to customize their tracking preferences directly from your website. The IAB Framework is a consent system, for publishers who work with third-party advertisers. Enable compatibility for the customization of advertising tracking preferences in the case of CCPA.

 It’s highly recommended that you enable this feature if you fall within this category as some advertising networks may limit access to their network if not implemented, which could, in turn, potentially decrease your ad revenue.

  • Geo-Location-based notices – Now display ‘CCPA Do Not Sell notice’ to visitors from California and ‘GDPR notice’ to EU visitors by using Geo-targeting. 

The plugin integrates with MaxMind Geolocation Service to identify users’ locations and deliver cookie notices as per the decided rule.

  • Gutenberg Block – Use the Gutenberg block to place cookie notices on any page/post.
  • Help Mascot – Intuitive ‘Help Mascot’ introduced in the ‘Getting Started’ area of the plugin. Have quick access to Documentation, FAQs, and Support for any queries that you need handy.
  • Tested and compatible for WordPress 5.8.
  • PHP Compatibility – Compatible with the latest version of PHP.
  • Bug Fixes – Multiple bug fixes with vulnerability checks and tests.