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Powerful & Simple WP Plugin

Easy to install & use Wordpress plugin. This plugin can be installed and legal pages added to your website in 5 minutes or less! Average users is seeing about that setup time...

Forced Page/Post Options

Force your website visitors to agree to your Terms, Privacy policy, etc using our lock down features. This can be used on both your Wordpress pages and posts!This is a very flexible option as you can put any txt in this forced option

Extended Menu Options

Exclude ANY of the legal pages you create from your custom menus. You tend to see legal pages in the footer menus so now you can quickly remove them from your header menu and include in your footer menus with these extended options.


Custom Shortcode Integration

This plugin is heavily integrated with short codes. So not only is all your business information you fill out based on short codes but so is the templates themselves and the custom templates you can create. So you can paste these short codes almost anywhere on your website!

Easy To Edit Pages

The pages that you create with our templates are full functioning Wordpress pages, so they show up in your pages listings and are just as easy to edit and make changes to. So you have full WYSIWYG editors and tiny MCE options just like with any other page!

Pre-built Legal Templates

Currently we have 24 built in Lawyer approved legal page templates to choose from. These templates were created by a internet attorney which overall tend to be more versed in the internet laws etc. Now you can also create your own legal pages or mash up any of the existing templates to make what you want as everything works off short codes.


Easy To Install

WP Legal pages is super easy to install. Just upload the zip file, fill in your business information to be injected into the pre-made templates, and then choose which templates out of the library you want to publish, click the button and you have your legal pages up!

Helpful Tutorial Guides

This plugin is extremely easy to use, but if you need extra help we have over 7 videos in the secure members area to help you out. If we see we are missing areas in our how to library we immediately add more training in those areas. We also have a "feature suggestions" page for the community to give us new features to add and feedback!

Developer License

With your purchase today you will also secure yourself a developer license ! This means you can install this plugin on unlimited websites you have. You get free access to updates for one whole year from the date of purchase.



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60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

We’re so confident in the value of this tool that you can cancel anytime within the refund period for your full money back. With over 4,000 users worldwide we are sure you are going to love this plugin.