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Why spend hundreds of dollars in lawyer fees or hours researching the internet? Create a website terms and conditions page in just a few clicks using the Terms & Conditions Generator.

Terms & Conditions page is very important

The terms & conditions policy is an agreement that defines the rights and responsibilities of anyone using your website.

Website users must agree to it in order to use or access your website.

While it’s legally not required to have a terms & conditions page on your website, it’s recommended to have one.

In case of the legal dispute, the courts will review this policy document as a basis for assessing the validity of the dispute.

Get WP Legal Pages to generate an expert-vetted terms and conditions page in just a few clicks.

Every WordPress website has different needs, when it comes to terms & conditions

Depending on your WordPress website’s type, business location, and the target audience, you may need a unique terms & conditions page. 

For example, businesses operating in the USA need different terms & conditions policy clauses than those in Europe or Asia. Ecommerce websites need different policies than a blog or a business website. Similarly, B2B websites have different terms & conditions than B2C or a C2C websites.

WP Legal Pages comes with a guided, step-by-step wizard that generates a unique, customized terms & conditions page for your website.

Terms & Conditions for Blog / Business Websites

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform, with over 2.75 million blog posts published everyday.

Recipes, how-tos, product recommendations, opinions, financial/medical advice — there’re blogs for everything. And so are legal liability and IPR theft threats.

That’s why blog websites need a terms & conditions page that includes:

  • Liability disclaimer
  • Limits on how users can use the website content
  • Copyright protection
  • Intellectual Property Rights protection
  • Third-party content, links disclaimers

Use WP Legal Pages to generate a Terms & Conditions Page for your WordPress blog.

Terms & Conditions for WooCommerce / WordPress + Ecommerce Websites

The WordPress WooCommerce plugin powers over 28% of all online stores.

But whether you use WooCommerce or any of the other WordPress ecommerce plugins, you need a rock solid terms and condition policy page for your store.

Here’s what your ecommerce terms and conditions page should include (other than a blog or business website):

  • Shipping terms
  • Tax terms
  • Returns & refunds terms, including those for digital goods
  • Product warranty / guarantee terms

Use WP Legal Pages to generate terms & conditions policy page for your WordPress ecommerce website.

Terms & Conditions for SaaS, Mobile & Facebook Apps

SaaS, Mobile or Facebook; whatever your app is about, you need a Terms & Conditions page.

In fact, Facebook asks for a Terms & Conditions page URL before you can submit an app. While it’s not mandatory, it’s useful to tell your app’s users what they can and cannot do with your app.

For SaaS and mobile apps you must include a terms and conditions page that has:

  • SLAs for down times
  • Payment terms and termination
  • Fair use, trial period & refund policies

along with the standard liability disclaimer, IPR, and copyright protection clauses.

Get WP Legal Pages to generate a terms & conditions page for your app’s WordPress website.

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Terms & Conditions FAQ

Frequently asked questions about terms & conditions and WP Legal Pages, our WordPress Terms & Conditions plugin.

The terms & conditions policy is an agreement that defines the rights and responsibilities of anyone using your website. Website users must agree to it in order to use or access your website.

Typically website terms and conditions include: 

  • Valid use guidelines
  • Payments, SLAs, and Termination of accounts in case of SaaS and Mobile apps
  • Liability disclaimers
  • Returns & refunds in case of ecommerce stores
  • IPR and copyright protection
  • Notice of governing law

Yes. If all elements of the T&C adhere to a legally binding contract, and both parties, i.e. you and the website user, agree to these terms.

While not required by law, most WordPress websites have a formal terms & conditions page. In case of a legal dispute, courts refer to this policy document to assess a dispute’s validity. A T&C will help you:

  • Prevent website abuse
  • Protect your website from IPR and copyright theft
  • Give you the right to terminate an account
  • And give notice of the governing law.

Every website needs different terms and conditions clauses depending on the business type (blog, services, ecommerce), it’s audience (B2B, B2C, C2C etc.), and it’s geographic location. That’s why it isn’t recommended to copy and paste terms and conditions.

Not necessarily. If you’re on WordPress you can use a plugin like WP Legal Pages to generate a terms and conditions policy page. And you can also customize it to suit your business.

Depending on your budget hiring a lawyer to write your website’s terms and conditions can cost anywhere between $300 to $5000. If you’re on a tight budget you can generate your own terms and conditions page for just $39.

General terms and conditions for a website include liability disclaimer, IPR protection, copyright protection, website usage terms, and third part content disclaimers.

All three basically mean the same thing. It’s your preference what you want to call it — Terms & Conditions, Terms of Service or Terms of Use.

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I needed to have legal pages on my website to be compliant with what is customary. No need for a lawyer to craft something special for my site. So this accomplished what would have taken me hours to set-up even without a lawyer’s help. Nice, and seems complete.
Jim Coe
Jim Coe@jim_coe
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By providing legal pages that I don’t need to create on my own, This WordPress plugin relieves me from doing legal research or hiring an attorney to help me create these important legal pages – saving me a lot of time and effort. And I feel that I can trust these experts to produce better legal pages for my website than I could do by myself, lessening the things I must worry about while building websites.
Paul Hildmann
Paul Hildmann@paul.hildmann
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I was not sure if this product was going to be of any value. I was wrong. This plugin is perfect for creating personalized, localized legal pages for your website. Don't let yourself get caught without the proper documents. Don't wait!

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