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Create a custom legal disclaimer for your WordPress website

Depending on your website’s audience, the WP Legal Pages Pro plugin serves as:

  • Website & blog disclaimer generator
  • Affiliate disclosure generator
  • Medical & health disclaimer generator
  • Earnings disclaimer generator
  • And more
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Wayne Walters

Website & Blog Content Disclaimer

Your website & blog content can attract potential liabilities. Especially, if you provide advice on how-to do things or publish reviews of third-party products.

In these cases you need a website and blog content disclaimer that covers:

  • Liability disclaimer
  • Disclaimer about the completeness, accuracy & reliability of the content
  • Disclaimer about the third-party websites that you link or promote from your content.

Use WP Legal Pages Pro to generate a website & blog disclaimer for your WordPress website.

Affiliate Disclosure

If you promote third-party products for monetary gains on your website, your local law may require you to include an affiliate disclosure.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines make it mandatory to disclose any affiliate endorsements with proper disclosures. Failure to do so may attract penalties up to US $11,000.

Some affiliate vendors also require you to add an affiliate disclosure. Failure to adhere may result in permanent removal from an affiliate program. 

Use WP Legal Pages Pro to generate a custom affiliate disclosure

Medical & Health Disclaimers

A medical disclaimer is an agreement that states that your website is not responsible for what may happen, if website visitors use the information on your website instead of consulting a medical professional.

In simple terms, content on your website doesn’t replace a doctor’s advice.

Websites that publish medical information must include a medical disclaimer. Health disclaimers on the other hand apply to websites about general health such as fitness, or diet advice.

Generate a personalized medical disclaimer for your WordPress website using WP Legal Pages Pro.


Earnings Disclaimer

Earnings disclaimers are required for websites that promote courses, products, programs, or strategies that helps users make money.

Typically, an earnings disclaimer refutes income guarantee of the above programs.

In USA, the Federal Trade Commission makes it mandatory for websites promoting such programs to include an earnings disclaimer.

Use WP Legal Pages Pro to generate an Earnings Disclaimer for your WordPress website.

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