Popular Cookie Consent Notice WordPress plugin

WordPress Cookie Notice Plugin For GDPR & CCPA

Helps you comply with the EU GDPR’s ePrivacy cookie consent and CCPA’s “Do Not Sell” Opt-Out regulations.

Cookie Consent For GDPR

The WordPress Cookie Consent plugin helps you comply with GDPR and ePrivacy cookie guidelines without the need to implement expensive SaaS solutions.

"Do Not Sell" Notice for CCPA

The WordPress Cookie Consent Plugin helps you to meet CCPA requirements of notifying Californian visitors and allow these visitors to opt-out (as legally required).

Cookie Consent Banner

Display a customized cookie consent banner notice with cookie details as required by GDPR.

Collection Notice for CCPA

Display a personal information collection notice on your homepage as required by CCPA.

"Do Not Sell" Opt-out

Display a "Do Not Sell My Personal Information" opt-out link as required by CCPA.

Pre-consent Cookie Blocker

Blocks all known third-party cookies before the visitor gives consent and install cookies after consent.

One-click Cookie Scan

Scan your WordPress website for cookies, including third-party cookies; so you don't have to manually add them.

Cookie Audit Table

Easy to use shortcode to a cookie audit table in your cookie policy as required by GDPR & CCPA.

Saved Consent Log

Save the collected consent in a detailed, searchable content log along with the IP address for the visitor.

Geo-targeted display

Control where to display the notice banners - to everyone or in specific geographical areas.

Change Consent

Allow visitors to change given consent anytime as required by the GDPR and CCPA regulations.

WP Legal Pages is WordPress plugin by WPeka.com


WP Legal Pages is WordPress plugin by WPeka.com