Easily set up a cookie consent banner, collect consent, and save a consent log for your WordPress website.

The WordPress Cookie Consent plugin helps you comply with CalOPPA, GDPR and ePrivacy cookie guidelines without the need to implement expensive SaaS solutions.

“This plugin makes GDPR cookie compliance a breeze. Setting up a GDPR compliant cookie consent bar took only a few minutes. The cookie scanner saves a lot of time & effort required to add cookies manually.”
“The WordPress GDPR Cookie Consent plugin is the closest that I have found to complying with all of the new GDPR guidance and is the easiest to implement.”

Is ePrivacy & GDPR cookie consent required for my website?

Recital 30 of the GDPR regulation and the ePrivacy directive (passed in 2002, and amended in 2009) require that websites manage cookie consent.

Your website needs to implement cookie consent if:

  • your website can receive visits from European Union countries.
  • and, your website installs cookies on the visitor’s web browser.

What changes do I need to make to my website to comply with the EU cookie law?

The EU Cookie Law has the following requirements:

  • Websites must provide a compliant cookie policy.
  • Websites must display a cookie consent notice (banner) on the visitor’s first visit.
  • Website must block non-necessary cookies (ex. Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, etc) before obtaining visitor consent.
  • Install non-necessary first-party & third-party cookies only after obtaining visitor consent.
  • Maintain of log of consents obtained from the visitors.

How do I manage cookie consent on my WordPress website?

To manage cookie consent on your WordPress website using the plugin:

#1. Create a customized cookie consent notice.

Scan your website for cookies to find and classify cookies used on your website. Then using the plugin’s customization options create a cookie consent notice banner that matches your website’s design. 

#2. Get granular cookie consent from visitors.

Block non-necessary cookies till the visitor gives consent. get granular consent from the visitor for each cookie type.

#3. Record consent log.

Keep a searchable, detailed log of the visitors’ consent, along with their IP address.

Plugin Features

The WordPress Cookie Consent Plugin works along with the WP Legal Pages plugin to help you comply with GDPR requirements.

Auto Cookie Scanner

Cookie Consent Banner

3rd Party Cookie Audit

Real-time Geo Targeting

Cookie Consent Log

Multiple Languages

Frequently Asked Questions

Cookies are bits of data that are passed from the website and stored on a visitor’s browser. The purpose of cookies is to remember and identify visitors when then return to a website. This is how websites and third-party tools like Google Analytics are able to track a visitors activity on a website. Such third-party tracking cookies compile data about a visitor’s actions on multiple websites and compile their browsing history. Which in turn, causes a privacy issue.

When a user first visits your site, you need to display a cookie banner. You also need to block non-necessary cookies (e.g. via Google Analytics, Facebook Ads/Like widgets, Adsense etc.) before user gives consent. The  cookies should only be loaded after informed consent has been provided by the user (prior consent). The website also needs to provide a compliant cookie policy.

If a website gets visitors from EU countries, it needs to comply with the EU Cookie Law. And even if you don’t get website visitors from EU countries, the state of California has introduced a regulation called CalOPPA (California Online Privacy Protection Act) that has much of the same requirements as the GDPR and EU Cookie Law.

According to CalOPPA, a commercial website is any website that helps you make money in some way. For example, if you offer services on your website, it’s still considered a commercial website. Also if you use third-party tracking services such as Google Analytics, you need to comply with privacy regulations.

The WP GDPR Cookie Consent plugin has a one-click scanner, that’ll scan your website for all the cookies. After the scan, it will show you the list of cookies used across your website. It will also automatically classify the non-exempt cookies into Marketing, Analytics and other categories. You can review and change the category if you need to.

Some cookies are not necessary to be blocked, for e.g. Technical Cookies – These are session cookies, preference cookies which are necessary for the website to function. Cookies which are used for statistics or analytics which don’t profile a user or anonymized data is stored are also not needed to be blocked. The WordPress Cookie Consent For GDPR & CCPA plugin provides you with an interface in the admin to choose which scripts you want to block before accepting user consent.

No. Only the ‘necessary’ cookies will be loaded until the user gives consent.

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Craig @cpfusion
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Makes life a lot easier by allowing you to add cookies, categorise and list them. Nice options too for display of notice on the website. Great plugin.
manishverma @manishverma
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Very easy to use and configure the plugin. There are options to create custom cookies to display as per GDPR policy. The auto-scan feature is useful to save time entering the cookie details
donald1973 @donald1973
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Very simple to use and does exactly what it states it does

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