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Generate customized Returns & Refunds Policies for your WordPress/WooCommerce website.

Whether you sell physical goods, digital downloads, or services, you need clear returns and refunds policies on your WordPress ecommerce website. WP Legal Pages helps you generate these legal policies automatically in just a few minutes.

"I am happy to report I was unable to break it! It really is an excellent time saver. WP Legal Pages will enable you to ensure that you have all the relevant policy pages in place on your site to keep Google spiders fed! "
"It took about a minute to get my company information loaded and I had 4 pages published. Yeah, it will take a few minutes to proof read everything but there wasn't anything I had a problem with. Loading this up on all my sites and all my clients' sites pronto"
Wayne Walters

Define And Display Your Refund Policy

A return and refund policy decrees the terms of any refunds or returns which may be offered by the website or eCommerce store. Even when you offer no refund policy, partial refund, or a full refund, it is important to clearly state on your website. 

A concise and clear return and refund policy give consumers a feeling of security; that what they are buying is guaranteed. Customers often avoid buying a product if there is a missing return & refund policy as it shows the lack of guarantee. Your refund policy must include: 

  • The duration in which the refund will be processed
  • Type of refund 
  • Which party will pay for the shipping cost

Use this Refund Policy Generator to set up your own refund policy automatically.

Handling Shipping Costs For Returns

If you are dealing with the return of physical goods (as opposed to digital products) you will want to specify who is going to pay for the shipping costs.  One simple solution can be you can ask the customer to pay for it or you may decide to cover the shipping cost yourself. 

When you decide to pay for the shipping cost, the logistics of that offer will need to be laid out.  Are you going to send a pre-paid shipping label for the item? You need to think through the details and outline them clearly in your refund policy.

The three points above are the key elements and the minimum of what should be included in the refund policy.

  • Do you offer perishable products?
  • Do you require proof of purchase?
  • What condition does the item need to be in to be eligible for a return?

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I needed to have legal pages on my website to be compliant with what is customary. No need for a lawyer to craft something special for my site. So this accomplished what would have taken me hours to set-up even without a lawyer’s help. Nice, and seems complete.
Jim Coe
Jim Coe@Webmaster
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By providing legal pages that I don’t need to create on my own, This WordPress plugin relieves me from doing legal research or hiring an attorney to help me create these important legal pages – saving me a lot of time and effort. And I feel that I can trust these experts to produce better legal pages for my website than I could do by myself, lessening the things I must worry about while building websites.
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Works well and very easy to set up and use. For support, contacted via their support channel and got quick professional support.

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