Why your website absolutely must have a ‘Terms of use’ section

Why your website absolutely must have a ‘Terms of use’ section


Every website has a ‘Terms of use’ section that is only applies to that specific website. This ‘Terms of use’ section are mandatory as to prevent legal issues and to explain the websites limited liabilities and disclaimers.

This ‘Terms of Use’ are important as they help keep you and your business protected online. Having these Terms of Use or Terms and Conditions pages on your web site is not just significant and vital from a legal point of view, but also having and adding your own terms for your site can help you to improve your SEO.

The ‘Terms of Use’ agreement’s importance have two sides: It makes legalities and other such issues easier for the Web site and it matters to the visitor. Web site owners use a ‘Terms of Use’ with legal license, to cover themselves in case a site visitor makes a claim against them, or prohibit acts like posting, sending to or through the site any illegal, damaging, distressing, insulting, threatening, crude, sexually explicit, hateful or other such objectionable material of any kind, and much more.

The material made available at that website is protected by copyright. One cannot make use of that content or matter in any possible way. It gives them a measure of insurance against lawsuits.

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For the visitor, the ‘Terms of Use’ are simply an agreement you make with a Web site to stand by whatsoever its site rules might be while you’re visiting the site. A lot of people don’t habitually take the time to read a Web site’s entire ‘Terms of Use’. It might be a good idea to be alert of its major terms before you click “I agree.”

While generating your Terms of Use page, study your website’s main purpose as to what does it provide; information, entertainment, or online services? What issues could visitors encounter while using the site and take note of what they include.

The ‘Terms of use’ generator are free and easy to make / install for your site. There are many such laws and clauses which keep the activities in and around your site legal after generating the ‘Terms of use’ section. You can create your own terms and conditions which will only be applicable for your own website.

There are various ‘Terms of use’ templates as well; with which, once downloaded you can modify it and create your own website. These ‘Terms of use’ templates are usually free and help you to make money by making website implementation, hosting, template modifications, and maintenance.

One such template for your WordPress site is the WP Legal Pages. It is a simple 1 click legal page management plugin where, one can quickly add in legal pages to their WordPress sites. It is easy to use and edit. It ensures that any person that visits your page agrees to your given set or terms and conditions before further viewing.

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