3 Points that Must be Part of Your Privacy Policy

privacy policyA Privacy policy is a formal document that informs the visitors of your site, in clear terms, the ways in which your site collects and manages customer data. As websites cannot be narrowed down to a specific geographical area or legal confines, it is better that your website’s privacy policy address issues across geographical boundaries and legal jurisdictions.

Here are 3 things which should be part of every site’s privacy policy

1. What information will be collected and how

The privacy policy of your website should offer in transparent terms what information you intend to collect and record. It might be very basic information like the language they speak or their native place or more sensitive information like their personal information.

The privacy policy should also reveal the manner in which you are able to gather this data. It might be from the visitors themselves or it could be from the services which the visitors are using. While signing up in a website or while filling up a survey, web visitors generally tend to give certain details about themselves. On the other hand, they might also use certain products being offered by your site, and while doing so tend to provide important details. All these aspects should be part of your website’s privacy policy.

2. How will this information be used
Information usage is extremely important and the privacy policy of your website should articulate in clear terms how it intends to use that data. It might be to maintain, improve and protect services being offered or to develop new services or to offer customized services. Whatever the reason, your customer should be aware about it.

3. Highlight Risks Clearly

Explain that there is no risk involved while parting with information – or explain possible risks, if any. People have different privacy concerns. Your website privacy policy should point that for whatever information is shared there will be no harmful consequences. It should explain that the information is for improvement of services and that there is no risk involved.


By making your visitors aware about the data collected and how it is being used, you can increase visitor trust in your website. Customers will feel more confident while using your website – and isn’t that what you are looking for ?

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