Amazon Affiliate​ Disclosure WordPress Plugin

Helps comply with Amazons & FTCs affiliate disclosure guidelines.

Create a Amazon & FTC compliant Affiliate Disclosure policy for your website in minutes.

"I am happy to report I was unable to break it! It really is an excellent time saver. WP Legal Pages will enable you to ensure that you have all the relevant policy pages in place on your site to keep Google spiders fed! "
"It took about a minute to get my company information loaded and I had 4 pages published. Yeah, it will take a few minutes to proof read everything but there wasn't anything I had a problem with. Loading this up on all my sites and all my clients' sites pronto"
Wayne Walters

Complying with the Amazon Associate Policy & FTC disclosure guidelines

Amazon (and other affiliate vendors) require you to disclose your website’s affiliate relationship.

Failure to do so may result in a permanent ban from the Amazon affiliate program.

And not just affiliate vendors, but FTC also requires you to include an affiliate disclosure on your website. This is to ensure that visitors are fully aware of the relationship between your website and the vendor. 

FTC requires that your disclosure is clear and conspicuous. And placed as close as possible to the affiliate link.

WP Legal Pages helps you generate a clear affiliate policy as well as an affiliate disclosure that’s automatically appended to your affiliate reviews and promotional articles.

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