WP LegalPages Release Log

NOTE: This blog is a release log for WPLegalPages. We keep updating this blog as soon as we release a new version. This will help you keep a track of all the updates.

WPLegalPages Version 4.13 Released

Changed the user interface of dashboard to make it user-friendly

WPLegalPages Version 4.12 Released

We have added widget for legal pages in this release.

WPLegalPages Version 4.11 Released

With this release, you can take a print of any legal page.

It will now be easy for you to read and carry a copy of any legal page for your reference.

You just have to turn ON “Display Print Legal Pages Option To User” from the back end


WP Legal Pages

And then, the user will be able to see the Print button at the end of the legal page

WP Legal Pages

WPLegalPages Version 4.10 Released

With this release, you can highlight your website’s EU Cookie Policy footer note to make it more noticeable.

Now get more customization options like Text color, button text color for color palette in the EU Cookie Legislation.

WPLegalPages Version 4.7 Released

Up until this release , you could select only one template to clone or delete.

With Version 4.7 , it is now possible to clone or delete multiple templates at a time.

WPLegalPages Version 4.6 Released

This release adds a new “About us” template. You can use it to display your contact details like – name, address, contact number etc. You be also able to add Google map to help visitors find your location. This will enhance your connectivity with site visitors. Once you upgrade to V4.6, please deactivate and reactivate WPLegalPages once, so that the template changes can reflect.

WPLegalPages Version 4.5 Released

This release resolves the plugin activation warning. Some typos in the external-links template and the linking-policy template have also been fixed. Once you upgrade to V4.5, please deactivate and reactivate WPLegalPages once, so that the template changes can reflect.

WPLegalPages Version 4.4.1 Released

With this release, we have added a “Check for updates” button that allows you to check if you are running the latest version of  WPLegalPages.

WPLegalPages Version 4.4 Released

With this release, you can now enable/ disable comments on all your legal pages via one single setting. Also added update notifier so that you will now see a warning on your dashboard if you are running an older version of WPLegalPages.

WPLegalPages Version 4.3.5 Released

With this release, we are adding a new popup in WPLegalPages.

You can use this popup to ask users to confirm if they’re above a certain age.

Visitors will only be able to proceed if they agree that they meet the minimum age requirements.

Here’s how it will look –

Setting custom URL on leave

This is especially useful for websites that contain content suitable only for adults. 

leave settings for the age popup

If users click on leave, you can choose to redirect them to a custom URL.

WPLegalPages Version 4.3.4 Released

Minor issues with WordPress MultiSite Setup have been ironed out in WPLegalPages Version 4.3.4

WPLegalPages Version 4.3.2 Released

Post this release, you can choose to exclude legal pages from WordPress search.

WPLegalPages Version 4.3.1 Released

With this release, introduced a color palette in the EU Cookie Legislation Popup. You can now customize the popup to look compatible with your site.

WPLegalPages Version 4.3 Released

WPLegalPages Plugin V4.3 was released on date 11-Apr-2014.

WPLegalPages has been thoroughly tested and modified for compatibility with WordPress version 3.8.2.

All deprecated functions have been replaced. Errors and warnings related to this have been eliminated.

WPLegalPages Version 4.2 Released

WPLegalPages Plugin V4.2 was released on date 6-Mar-2014.

WPLegalPages now allows you to create upto 20 page templates. The earlier upper limit for the maximum number of templates that you could create was 15.

WPLegalPages Version 4.1 Released

WPLegalPages now offers a better level of security. We have further strengthened the security in the new version 4.1.

WPLegalPages Version 4.0 Released

WPLegalPages Version 4.0 was released on date 23-Jan-2014. WPLegalPages now conforms to the EU Cookie Policy.
Under new EU privacy regulations, websites must make it clear to visitors what information about them is being stored. With this new update, a visitor can be prompted about the privacy policy of your website. You can inform visitors about the cookies used by the website and the information collected.

WPLegalPages Version 3.2 Released

We have released V3.2 for WPLegalPages to rectify the issue of Fb policy template not showing up in all templates list.

WPLegalPages Version 3.1 Released

Upgraded the WPLegalPages plugin to support multisite network. Grab it today!

WordPress Multisite is a special “mode” built into WordPress, which allows you to create a network of multiple websites, all running on a single installation of WordPress. This means that it can run many blogs, even with their own separate domains, on one WordPress installation. For more details on how to setup WordPress Multisite, you can check this link –

WPLegalPages Version 3.01 Released

Following features are added in 3.01

    • * Added new sub-menu ‘Legal pages’ to display all legal pages. Can edit, view & trash legal page from here.

    • * Can clone template. So now its easy to have same copy of template.

    • * Added ‘notes’ field to template which is only visible to site admin. Using this admin can add specific notes/instructions per template for his own reference.

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