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Publish a DMCA notice and takedown Policy for your blog or ecommerce business website and limit your exposure to copyright infringement claims.

What is DMCA Policy? Why does my website need one?

A DMCA policy is one that explains the process by which you can be contacted, in case someone wants to send you a DMCA notice, claiming that your website contains DMCA copyright violations. It is important that you take advantage of the DMCA’s safe harbor provision and protect yourself from DMCA notices.

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Frequently asked questions about Privacy Policies and WP Legal Pages, our WordPress Privacy Policy Generator plugin.

It is a type of legal document that addresses the theft of copyrighted content or copyright infringement. It is when content is removed from the website at the request of the owner of the content. 

A DMCA counter-notice is when an organization submits a response when presented with a valid DMCA takedown notice. When the DMCA takedown notice has been received it is submitted to the service provider after the infringing content is removed. 

The DMCA provides safe harbors for the following activities:

  • Acting as a conduit for transmitting material through its system or network.
  • Temporarily storing material for transmission (caching).
  • Storing material at a user’s direction.
  • Providing links or other tools for locating material online.

The DMCA law enacted in 1998 by then-president Bill Clinton protects websites from the copyright challenges.  It is intended to regulate the digital media that not only looks into the copyright infringement issues faced by users on the internet but also reinforces penalties for offenders.

When any content (includes but is not limited to text, images, audio, video files) is copied without permission and shared or used by someone, then it is deemed as copyright infringement.

Your DMCA policy should explain how copyright owners can file a claim of copyright infringement against you, if they notice a violation and what details that claim should include. It should also clearly specify how the party that allegedly infringed the content can submit a counter-notice to have the disputed content restored.

The DMCA won’t protect you from trademark infringement, violations of NDAs or trade secret laws, defamation claims, and other claims.

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Works well and very easy to set up and use. For support, contacted via their support channel and got quick professional support.

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